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MAILE TREE HOUSE--                                          It is hard to fully describe this place.. your tender loving care is in every inch of this Treehouse. It's Perfect!        Tom & Pam, Canada                                          It is a        feeling... an  unbelievable feeling. Thank you, Tammy Calgary 

WOW! Thank you so much for a fantastic experience that exceeded all of our expectations.  We found the attention to detail in every nook and cranny of the house warm, inviting and cozy.  It almost tempted us to wrap ourselves in the cozy robes and never leave....We can't wait to return with friends and let them too experience this slice of Heaven. ---------- Oahu, HAWAII

Leslie Michael & Bob (the cat):  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful place with us!  Every year we take a trip for our anniversary, and every 5 years we try to find an extra special place.  This was our 15th anniversary, and we couldn't have picked a more magical place to spend it than here in Volcano and at the Maile TreehouseWe loved everything about the house- the decor was remarkably creative, the bedding & furniture was very cozy, and the garden was beautiful with hidden suprises throughout.  Thank you for helping to make this annivesary our most memorable one yet. Mahalo!------Olympia, WASHINGTON

Aloha Leslie and Michael
We visited Oahu, Maui, Kauai and of course, the Big Island.  Without a doubt our time at Maile was the highlight and we can't stop raving about it to friends and family.  I can't think of enough superlatives to describe your wonderful home and your hospitality   Can this place be our little secret !!!???? ---------Syndey AUSTRALIA

Your place is absolutely spectacular.  We loved staying thereIt would be hard to own it and not be able to live there, it was hard enough for us to have to leave.  Thanks again for sharing your beautiful place...  It's the first time I've stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and my back hasn't hurt in the morning-------- Kailua-Kona HAWAII

Oh the place is wonderfulAfter your place the other one we rented on the beach in Oahu couldn't compete!  I truly don't know how you guys can rent it to strangers as it is so beautiful. You have plenty to be proud of with its beauty and your personal touches!  Have you worked in the hotel industry?---- Tinely, ILLINOIS

Aloha Leslie,
Just wanted to express to you how much we enjoyed staying in your home. It is the most personable accommodation we have ever enjoyed. Architects spend careers trying to create what we call “sense of place” and you have created a powerful sense of place. And thank you for the champagne. That was very thoughtful. Time and again my mind has wandered back to the porch. Sitting with my wife while we sip champagne, listen to the birds and pop macadamias.  Mahalo, Kevin

We felt like we walked into paradise the moment we entered these doors.  We were torn between seeing the sights and just staying in your beautiful home listening and watching mother nature at it's finest.  Your home and it's surroundings epitimize "Hawaii"  You can see your TLC in every detail.  I will bring back with me some of your ideas and great touches throughout.  With much gratitude.------ Monterey CALIFORNIA

"Words can't express it.  If this were my house, I would never be able to rent it out.  We are wondering if you have a background in hospitality, with maybe the Four Seasons.  Everything is so thought out.  I will be coming here as often as possible.  --- Oahu HAWAII

This place was fantastic and the pictures will never do it justice The scenery is gorgeous and the layout of the place is perfect....

Hands down, the best part of our vacationIf I was to design a dream vacation home, I would copy the Maile Tree House down to the smallest detail. The wood walls, the jacuzzi tub, the wood-floored shower, the amazing bed, the quiet and seclusion....words cannot begin to describe it. It was so hard to leave. The small details throughout the house were a wonderful surprise.  The Maile Treehouse will definitely be a part of any future trips to the Big Island, and I will be singing its praises to all that will listen. ------ Fairfax, VIRGINIA

Fabulous place!  We love all the beautiful wood in the house.  Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detailThe whimsical accents are a delightful touch.  Really enjoyed soaking in the tub with the windows open, rains softly coming down and a cool breeze blowing through.  The shower is a real work of art.-------------Kailua-Kona HAWAII

"Our new favorite place" ---------------Oahu, HAWAII

Dear Leslie,
Just a note to tell you what a lovely time we had at the tree house last week.  Your home is warm and beautiful, and we very much enjoyed it there.  We loved the woodwork and the fireplace, and especially your attention to detail.  Driving back home yesterday, my husband asked me what the best part of our trip was.  I expected him to say the volcano, since he's a scientist, and we spent quite a bit of time in the park. I said my favorite part was the tree house, and he said, "That's exactly what I was going to say!"  That's quite a statement for him!  So thank you for a peaceful few days - I miss it already! You can bet I will recommend you to others who are headed to the Volcano area. --------------------Kind regards,  T.E.

We have been blessed to spend 3 magical nights in your wonderful home. We will forever hold treasured memories of Maile Tree House. A thousand mahalo's, it has been an uplifting experience

Sitting here enjoying our last morning of a perfect weekend {20th anniversary}... listening to the birds singing and watching the puffy, white clouds swish across a blue, blue sky.  Such peace and tranquility.  The accomodations have exceeded our expectations!  You both have created the ultimate romanitc getaway and we are sorry to leave.  We are heading back to the hustle, bustle, and VOG of Kona, but will carry the peaceful beauty of this place with us.------- Kona HAWAII

Leslie and Micheal, Thank you so much for sharing your tree house with us!  It was such a great addition to our honeymoon!  We thought we'd be out at the Volcano hiking most of the time, but instead we found ourselves enjoying this cozy retreat into the afternoon sometimes!  So romantic and relaxing!  We loved the place as a whole, but we especially loved all the details that went into decorating/ accomodating the hale.  It was fun to find new things like the... [not telling]  The place was absolutely perfect.--------------------   Reston VIRGINIA

Maile Tree House is a wonderful place to stay. The warm wood tones, cushy furniture, modern ammenities along with the whimsical touches make for a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. It is a place to truly relax, especially in the big jacuzzi tub or curled up next to the fireplace with a good book. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us. We would love to return soon......Rick & Jane

Such a wonderful place!  From the design of space, the open asthetic of the decor, to the detailed inclusion of all the creature comforts of fine living.  The Maile Treehouse allowed us to feel as one with nature while we relaxed in complete luxurious comfort!---------Seattle, WASHINGTON

...We will most definitely be staying at the Maile Tree House again, and again :-) I still sigh every time I think about our wonderful time there----------an after stay email

The house is just perfect...down to every last detail.  The most beautiful and peaceful mornings to wake up to the scenery, the birds, etc.  Wish we could stay longer!  We truly enjoyed the beauty of the Volcano..especially the lava at night... it was awesome...could have watched it for hours.  If we are ever blessed to be back in Hawaii, we"ll definately come back to this place.. Heaven on Earth------------------- from Miami FLORIDA

and I have to admit that I continue to think/daydream about the house .. We are counting the days until we can return.  We just loved the area, what you had done with your home, and the peace that surrounded your part of Maile Rd.---------SalemOREGON

Aloha, Thank you for building such a wonderul treehouse.  We loved the attention to detail and the cozy atmosphere.  The Treehouse had a "home like" feeling. In fact, we are now inspired by some of your decor ideas for our home.  We will be back for sure.  E and D -----------Kailua, Oahu  HAWAII

Thank you so much. The quaint serenity at your Volcano Hideaway, and precision with which this amazing home has been filled with love and attentive accomadation, has left me with a carefree sense of peace and tranquility..I will carry this placidity with me for long to come.  Mahalo, C -------------- from San Diego, CALIFORNIA

This "not so big house" (a good thing) is FULL with Love & BeautyThanks for sharing what seems to be a wonderful visionGreat use of space & attention to detail!  We had a fantastic time....--------------- Truckee, CALIFORNIA

Thank you for a peaceful oasis away from our everyday world! The house is perfectly lovely- an inspiring place to stop and think.  We were blessed to spend our days here.  Mahalo! ----------San Jose, CALIFORNIA

If I hear my wife say this is sooo neat one more time I'm going to scream!  Really this place could not be better!!! After a long day of traveling this House, in the Trees was so warm and welcoming. Everything about it is just perfect!   We slept like never before. This is an incredibly beautiful home and I would recommend you to everyone!----- Watsonville, CALIFORNIA

Thank you so much for your eye for detail, it really makes it special..Very interesting place, with rain forest effects.  Unique House with distinct touches.  Deathly quiet (good stuff) with birds a plenty.Clever design.---- Lutherville, MARYLAND

Michael & Leslie, Mahalo for sharing your Home with us.  Beautiful place to relax & get away.  Enjoyed every minute. We had a Great Time.  Be Back very soon------Hilo, HAWAII

This was a wonderful treat for us...So beautiful, relaxing and peaceful, "very relaxing" and romantic.  I loved all the details- you thought of everything to feel like home... didn't want to leave.---------  Kamuela, HAWAII

..a magical interlude.  Walking the gardens here was like an easter egg hunt- little treats everywhere.  The coziness of the house and all the big trees it has, made us not want to leave . The whimsical touches, all the windows, and the forest quietness give the treehouse a fantastic identity all it's own- and all at once familiar.  Thank you for offering it all up for all of ust to enjoy! ------------ Chico, CA   

Michael and Leslie- thank you for the perfect start to our Honeymoon and 2008.  This place is so relaxing.   The beautiful location couldn't be more different to our normal lives in London and we feel like we've been away for weeks.  Thanks for everything!-----------London, ENGLAND

The House is great you did a beautiful job. We enjoyed every minute! ---------------- Atlanta, GEORGIA

Your home is beautiful beyond words...a true testament to details. My mom and I were both speechless.  I can't tell you how lucky I feel to have found your home to stay in. Thank you so much. You have truly made my mom's 60th birthday memorable.-------Baltamore, MARYLAND

Our stay here has been Magical.  Thank you so much for this beautiful home in paradise.  It feels 'home' to us and has brought much joy to our hearts.Magical, beautiful, peaceful and perfect.  We'll be back!!-Salem OREGON 

This is the temple I longed for.  Thank you for creating such a sanctuary!  It's an Oasis of Eden.  All our love, Alan and Cynthis 

Dear Micheal and Leslie, We were delighted with your Treehouse.  It is ideally located for us as we do frequent hikes in Volcanoes Park.  We enjoyed waking up to dawns light through the trees.  The house was much brighter than we expected-- it is well desinged to capture the feeling of being in a forest, but w/o the darkness.  Our only regret is that we here for just 3 nights. Next time we'll book further ahead... Julie and Tom------------------ CANADA

If I had only two words to describe the Maile Treehouse it would be "MAGICAL SERENTITY".  The moment you step foot on the grounds it instantly detoxifies every cell in your body. Needless to say I love this place and will stay here everytime I am on the Big Island.----------------  Burbank CALIFORNIA

Beautiful, Peaceful, Restful  Thank you for such a Beautiful place.--- Burbank CA

Dearest Leslie and Michael,  Mahalo Nui Loa for sharing your special Hale w/ us.  We've enjoyed the amenities to their fullest.  The warm Hearth& Peaceful Bird serenades will live in our hearts always.  We'll be back to create more memories very soon. (and often.) Aloha Kakou from our end of the forest to yours.  Celebrating our 3rd anniversary of loving each other-------------Hanalei Kaua'i, HAWAII

Thanks so much for your beautiful "Honeymoon Suite".  We just loved our stay here for our 13th anniversary.  Cynthia and Wayne

Very warm atmosphere!  Very cared details!  Very good!!------------ ITALY--------------------------------------         Lovely, perfect, you feel that you are living here for a long time.  You can see Apapne and other birds! ----------- TOKYO--------------------------------------------- Wonderful-----------Long Beach, CALIFORNIA

Second Anniversary- Loved Everything! Very romantic and relaxing. ----------------- Atlanta, GEORGIA

We are on our honeymoon: we love this little birds nest considering we are Love Doves-great decor - you did a fabulous job on this gorgeous home - Cheers---------Santa Rosa, CALIFORNIA

                                              FULL HOUSE

You have done an amazing job on all of the details in your beautiful home.  We could not have asked for anything more.  We loved al the little frogs.  We appreciated you opening your little tree house studio!  Thanks again,  ------------San Diego CA  (little frogs are not real frogs, you may or may not find them!)

We had a wonderful relaxing stay here and are sorry to leave.  This is one of the most memorable places I've stayed in- the setting, decor, and waking up to the birds singing was all magical.  Your attention to detail-down to the books and CD collection was excellent. -------------- from San Francisco, CA  and Honolulu, HI

The Magic of this home will stay with us long after our vacation has ended.  Thanks for sharing your Hawaiian Spirit with us ----------NYC, NEW YORK

What a wonderful place!  I've never seen such attention to detail.  Wish we would have planned a few more days on the East side of the Big Island.----------------WOW, Great job choosing accessories!  It's nice to be in a house where the downstairs "KIDS" Quarters (in our case, at least) are just as luxurious as the "ADULTS" room. And there's an espresso Maker!!! Very beautiful-I wish we could have stayed longer.------ Baltimore, MARYLAND-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks Leslie and Michael.  We enjoyed staying in your home very much.  You did a great job with it.  No Lava at the Volcano but otherwise a peaceful and beautiful time.-------------from Santa Barbara, CALIFORNIA----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We loved the cozy atmosphere of this house.------------ from FRANCE

So many treasures in and around the house!  Each delighted us upon discoveryNothing could have been more perfect.----- Cincinatti, OHIO

My in-laws made the the trip from France to enjoy an unforgettable stay here for their 80th [that's what it says] anniversary. ....  Thanks alot for this charming place where we could appreciate all the beauty of mother's nature.--------- from Foster City, CA

What a wonderful home.  You have created a very welcoming atmosphere in a beautiful envoirment.  Thank you.   PS loved all the hidden...  [not telling]  ------------ Glendora, CALIFORNIA  

                                             GARDEN SUITE

You have done wonders with this studio.  We are very glad we discovered it.  What creativity!!!  The Volcano is one of our favorite places on the Big Island.  We never tire of visiting here and will certainly return again.  Again, thanks for making our stay so comfortable.  Mahalo and Aloha -----Leland, --- MICHIGAN

Thank you so much for giving us many more reasons to smile on our honeymoon... The accomodations were great.  It's amazing what you were able to do with a space of this size.  It really shows that you two care about the people that stay here and that they are able to experience a lovely tropical paradiseWe'd prefer this place over a luxury hotel any day ----------- West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA

....Everyplace has a delightful peace to it.  The room is very generous and brings great comfort.  A wonderful place to stay to be calm----------- from Kona, HAWAII

What a comfortabe landing pad you have here.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  Thanks for including the Yahtzee...it had been ages since I last played. The Garden Suite was warm and welcoming as a stop on our round the Island journey. Wonderful GardensLots of Mysterious places to discover.  Love the Frogs!  Thanks for opening your home to us.  -------------- ARIZONA  (*frogs mentioned are figures, not live)

We stayed in this wonderful and peaceful place for two nights during our honeymoon vacation.  The place is beautiful; outside so tranquil.  We loved waking up to the birds chirping and a cup of hot coffee on the private patio.  The only negative was we didn't book our whole honeymoon stay here.  Thanxs!! ------------ TORONTO

This is such a beautiful little hideaway amidst the jungle.  We enjoyed countless nights looking out into the garden, listening to the chirping birds, and taking in the fresh air.  Perfect location for taking jaunts into the Park.  ------------- NYC